We assign value with irresponsible rapidity.

We begin to talk about things as though we are experts, even when we know only a little more than our interlocutor.

Often we repeat whatever everybody agrees on, in search of easy acceptance.

And we utter lovable phrases and beautiful words, doing nothing in support of our speech.


On top of that, we do not want to accept the need to change and improve. Because of this, we have no other choice than to accept everybody’s lack of sincerity with themselves.

The ultimate mutual self-denial is: “Death does not exist.”

This is what pleases our egos. That is all we want.

And although we make extraordinary efforts not to change, the changing world around us becomes noticeable sooner or later.

That is how we come to realize we have missed opportunities. We can always find others to blame for that. We assign responsibility to people who have nothing to do with that.

Only we are responsible for our failure to be present, for our lack of strength. 

Opportunities do not happen in the past – they are continually happening now.

Be present, strong, versatile, aware… Like a fighter… Like a dancer.