Caballo de Copas

We must always choose to do what we have the opportunity to do. A great proportion of the opportunity is to be prepared for it. We do not know when it is going to come or what it will look like, so we must prepare in every possible way. Being prepared is what makes us sensitive to recognizing the opportunity. We invoke the opportunity when we work on preparing for it. The more prepared we are, the more chances there are that the opportunity will appear, and appear again.

The opportunity is also our creation. Working on being prepared is also working on creating the opportunity.

Everything that happens is an opportunity. If we do not recognize the opportunity in everything that happens, it is because we are not prepared enough to take advantage of it, hence not sensitive enough to recognize it.

The opportunity is always there. Not being prepared for an opportunity is the only reason not to recognize or take advantage of it.

Is there any way of spending our time that is more worthwhile than taking advantage of our opportunities and preparing for them?

Either way, our nature knows that the opportunity always is there. When we are not prepared, we give attention to opportunities that we cannot take advantage of. Therefore, we conclude that other people are taking advantage of our opportunities. We consider them guilty of having better luck than we do and take it as an offense. We spend a great amount of energy on harsh feelings, wasting it instead of making it productive by preparing ourselves.

We must create ourselves, rather than consume ourselves.

It is not elegant to force ourselves to recognize an opportunity or to take advantage of it. If we are prepared, it falls in our lap.

To get ready, to prepare, is how we start taking advantage of the opportunity.

It is a very common habit to waste our time crying and complaining instead of working on getting ready to take advantage of our opportunities.

Study, work hard, and be honest with yourself. These are habits of a fulfilling life. Crying and complaining are not useful habits. Blaming others is not. Making ourselves better is.