As we go through life, we try to make rational choices.

The way in which we love, is also the way we live. It is our politics, our economics, our way of dealing with our health. It is the way we make decisions.  It is the way we plan or don't plan at all our existences.

Sota de Bastos

Our deeply embedded habit of blaming the problems of our present situation on events in the past and on others: We have a very strong tendency to see our lives as a continuous stream of errors and mistakes that we committed induced by others, who conscientiously made us confused, or whose ignorance  or incompetence took us on the wrong path.

Sometimes we brag to be strong, but when the time comes to challenge this affirmation, often we dismiss this challenge as not important. This is the way we start to lose sense of reality about ourselves, and awareness about others around us and the world in general. We retreat ourselves in fantasy.  This is how we start developing a habit of safeguard, first, our ego.

Each single challenge is very important. If a challenge is posed in front of you, you should welcome that challenge as an opportunity to know yourself better, and improve.

We have no confidence in our bodies.

Instead of working on making ourselves stronger, more honest and reliable, we choose to approach those who hold positions of status based in a network of overblown egos whose members support each other lies about themselves, in order to find a spot in these associations which could provide a certain level of recognition, because our weakness is more thirsty of recognition than our strength.

We should start looking at ourselves with cruel honesty, expose our weaknesses to ourselves and start working right now on improving, turning our string of failures in a chain of successes.