Caballo de Oro

Desire is the root of love. Our body is the root of desire. It is not possible to separate love from desire, unless we eliminate our bodies, eliminating desire, and love with it.

Every desire is good. It is the call to satisfy a necessity. To satisfy a necessity generates a balance, and that is what life is, an unbalanced system that seeks its own balance. The problem is that we fail to understand desire. We do not understand the body. How do we define the body? Is the body the opposite of the mind?

We must understand that the separation between mind and body is a habit of thinking. We tend to identify the mind with the brain, with an organ than is still, hidden behind of the shield of our skull. This organ is so connected to the rest of the body (like any organ); the brain influences the whole body and is determined by the body. It is the whole body, and not solely the brain, which contains the mind. Mind is, in this approach, a way in which the whole body manifests. Also we can say that mind is particular way to see our body. 

Our habit of thinking makes us prejudge that our mind manifest exclusively through spoken and written language. Again, it is our whole body that talks and writes.

Our body is not a collection of parts. It is a highly organized system, which decays obeying the entropy law. It is in our power to keep it organized, to improve and to rearrange its organization, to recreate it. Any change and improvement we desire for our lives, is related to changes in our bodies.

A very popular way to care for our bodies is the gym. We can observe there a very mechanical, partializing and reductionist approach. In them, we see our body as composed of parts, which we are going to work with in different machines, treating them as mechanical parts. These body parts do not interact with the world in any other way than visual: we mostly care about how our body parts look.

What respect would we have for the body of other people without knowing very well our own body?

Is it possible to desire our own destruction? Is it possible to desire our death?

Creation makes destruction necessary. To create requires a measure of destruction. Ex.: Our organism destroys nutrients to create energy for our life.

Some critical moments of our lives make big changes necessary, and inevitable.

Sometimes this may make self-annihilation seem desirable, but this is –in essence- absurd. Life must be always respected. This should be our creed.